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A haircut is one of the most popular services at Vincent Da Silva at Gil Ferrer Salon. Hundreds of customers come to our salon to get the perfect hair cut performed according to their wishes, their needs. Years of working with different clients taught us that trust is crucial to running a successful hair salon. Trust is essential when you have to entrust your hair to a stylist.


Our professional stylists understand how important your haircut is for you. They always take into consideration three main factors to achieve the perfect cut: face shape, hair type and lifestyle. Our main goal is to cut your hair in a way that uniquely suits you. Getting your hair colored is as important as getting a hair cut. When it comes to coloring, it is vital to choose the colorist who will listen to your expectations. Our professional colorist will always follow your wishes and will try to achieve the hair color you desired. You will get the hair color that accentuates your features such as skin color and eye color. Your hair will need special help if it was damaged by environmental factors (the sun), hot tools and other factors.


The best way to get healthy and strong hair is keratin treatments. Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment contains natural keratin protein and encapsulated aldehyde. You will get smooth beautiful hair for up to three months. Keratin Complex Express Blow-Out contains the same natural keratin, but it is applied without aldehyde. You get smooth and beautiful hair for up to three months. Bridal services are also available at Vincent Da Silva at Gil Ferrer Salon. Whether you want to have a bridal party at our salon or just get make-up and bridal hair styling, all you have to do is to call us. We are ready to perform any of your bridal ideas, even if they are a bit outlandish.


You are always welcome at Vincent Da Silva at Gil Ferrer Salon!