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24 tips from the people who make it happen. From head to toe, we’ve got your covered.

1. When your hair is 98% dry, the cool air setting on your blow dryer provides the finishing touch to lock in the desired style and add shine to your hair. Cold air causes the cuticle layer of your hair to contract, sealing the hair, producing shine.

2. Semi-permanents, glazing, color stains or washes can boost hair shine and texture by coating the hair with non-peroxide color that washes out naturally over 4-6 weeks.

3. The worst damage to your hair isn’t necessarily from the heat of the dryer but from stretching and pulling your hair when it’s weak.

4. Most salon shampoos are gentle cleansers with a pH balance of 4.5-5.5.

5. Heat activated products coat the hair strands with a protective film so that the heat of your blow dryer or curling iron won’t burn out the hair shaft.

6. An acidifying conditioner compacts the cuticle, detangling, adding body, natural shine and increasing the alpha bonds in the hair.

7. Heat activated products can build up on the hair but this can be easily reversed by using a clarifying/exfoliating shampoo for a day or two.

8. Always use a conditioner with sunscreen when going to the beach, playing outdoor sports or just spending time in the sun.

9. To improve the health of your scalp, you should massage or knead your scalp while shampooing. This is helpful for improving circulation. Also applying a scalp mask or heat treatment at least once a month is beneficial.

10. To reduce the visual effects of thinning hair cut it short and blunt. It will make your hair look fuller and less patchy and easier to maintain.

11. Towel dry washed hair gently. Slowly untangle any knots with you fingers, so as not to break your hair. Dry hair naturally, if possible. When using a blow dryer best to use one with very strong air flow so hair dries faster.

12. Make sure you have your hair in the best possible shape before you color. For best hair health stay within two shades of your natural hair color.

13. If you can pinch your scalp it is healthy and has a lot of circulation. If not, the best remedy is massage. Place your fingers on scalp and shift your scalp side to side and back and forth.

14. Use a professional strength blow dryer with a strong air flow on high heat for a short period of time and less damage will be done to your hair.

15. Very dry hair may be improved by massaging with olive or almond oil and then covering with a plastic bag overnight. Shampoo out the next morning.

16. Thermal Curl/ Perming are a fantastic way to add everything from body to true curls. Keeping hair well-conditioned and moisturized is crucial.

17. To curl coarse hair the safest way is to twist your hair into pin curls overnight. Hot rollers or curling irons will give you the best result but may damage your hair and roots when used to excess.

18. If your hair is in a rut and you’ve been in a long running relationship with your hairstylist maybe it’s time to try someone new.

19. To curl fine hair the safest way is to let it air dry and curl it loosely around Velcro rollers.

20. A thermal conditioner treats hair damage..

21. If you have dandruff massaging the scalp vigorously as you shampoo helps loosen flakes so they can be rinsed away. For best results shampoo daily with a medicated shampoo until condition is resolved. Leave the lather on for a few minutes before rinsing.

22. Drink water, water, water! The most commonly forgotten nutrient necessary for healthy hair is water. It is important for keeping skin moisturized and for stimulating the sebaceous glands that feed your hair.

23. Eat a balanced diet. An inadequate intake of protein or calories can result in hair loss and dry, brittle hair.

24. To avoid root damage or breakage do not have excessively tight braiding, buns or ponytails.