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ColorPageHow do you feel when you see your first gray hair? How do you feel when chemicals or excessive bleach have damaged your hair? How do you feel when color emerges as too dark, too blond, too ash or too red? 

Like choosing a new hair cut, the decision to color your hair-to swap nature for new-is a significant one. The experience of changing hair color can be dramatic; it can feel exhilarating. When you change your look there is always the feeling of a reinvented self: younger, fresher, bolder, more vibrant.

Along with hope there is a tinge of fear. It is key, therefore, to choose a colorist who will listen to your expectations. A skilled colorist will help you channel your desires into a color that accentuates your features relative to eye color and skin tone.

Ideally, a colorist should try to imitate nature when changing or highlighting hair. Notice young children’s hair.

Different shades of color gradually blend from one tone to another. A beautiful hair color featuring a multitude of shades, along with a natural glow full of contrast and light, will always be in fashion.

At the same time, however, you should never feel compelled to dye your hair. If you like your natural hue, you must stand by it! If your once russet locks have turned gray and it makes you feel sexy, not tired, you should embrace this elegant transformation and realize that you can look gorgeous naturally as you age.

The hue of your hair should make you feel alive; it should lend you a swagger, a strut, a glide.