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CutHow many times have you sat, worrying, looking at those menacing scissors, hoping that the person cutting your hair is going to listen to you? “Please not too short…”

Each time you sit in the hair stylist’s chair, you may be reminded of an incident-perhaps one that occurred in the distant past or an episode that happened just last week. Your requests were ignored and a one-inch trim became a six-inch chop! In short, you are haunted by a time when you were shorn and scared. And you know (because you have been there) what a hated haircut can do to your sense of self. Stylists hold an unnatural amount of power. In one hour, you can feel like a centerfold, divine, or horrid, hiding from the world. For this reason, it is crucial to find a stylist who listens to your fears, concerns, and wishes. A stylist who considers face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.

It is essential that you trust your stylists, that they understand you and that they understand the subtleties of composition; how to cut your hair in a way that uniquely suits you. Hair cutting is not about cutting hair but about making you the client feel good about the way you look and how other people are going to react when they see you.

Hair cutting is not about how famous the stylist is or how much they charge but about the stylist understanding your hair needs. Hair cutting is not about a particular beautiful cut but about your hair cut – the cut that takes into consideration your face shape, hair texture, life style and body shape.

Hair cutting is not about a stylist being happy with their work but about you being happy and completely satisfied with the way you look and feel. Never let yourself be a subject of intimidation. When you achieve the trust with your stylist you will have that magic moment that brings you a fabulous look. But there may be times where this magical contact will not occur. At this moment it would be best if you get out rather than enter into a compromise mode.

An experienced stylist with the eye for balance and harmony who also understands the psychology in relation to your hair will be able to perform magic with his scissors.