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PermanentWavesYou were born with a particular hair type and your hair is curly or straight because of complex physical, genetic bonds.

Until now, there was nothing you could do to change your hair structure permanently until your roots grew out. If you are like most women, you’re probably not satisfied with your hair type. If you are happy with your hair, consider yourself one of the lucky few.

Fashion has always dictated how your hair should look. Curly, straight, curly again… It’s a never ending cycle.

Around 2000 BC, Egyptians invented the permanent wave. They rolled their hair around sticks, applied clay to seal the curl and then sat in the sun for a few days. Who would do that today?

Around the 20s, when women began cutting their hair short, the first true chemical Permanent Wave appeared. Since then, fickle fashion has increasingly put pressure on the way you are “supposed to look”. During the 60s it was a crime to have wavy hair. In the 80s everyone had their hair permed, including men. Finally, by the late 90s, the rage of Thermal Reconditioning (better known as Japanese Straightening) allowed women with curly hair to have their dream come true, “no more frizzes!”

However, today many women prefer a softer, more feminine look. Curls are back. As a result, we’ve equipped ourselves with tools and products necessary to create soft wavy, curly hair.

Thermal Curl is a new revolutionary system that the Gil Ferrer Salon (New York City) has perfected, using the same principals of Japanese Straightening in reverse, allowing us the possibility of creating natural looking waves/curls with greater precision, control and minimal dryness.